In pursuit of the perfect lager


Experience the unique fass at Craft Hall's Tree Top bar now pouring Constitution Lager and Poplar Pils.

In German, fass means barrel and it can be applied to a lot of different types. A vessel made of wooden staves and iron hoops is a barrel and so is the ubiquitous stainless steel keg. Now, Mainstay Independent has invested in two high-tech, bar top fass units that people are really buzzing about.

“Rousing the beer with a vigorous pour creates a smoother, more balanced beer,” offers Mainstay Independent brewmaster, Brian O’Reilly. “Our barrels improve everything about a glass of lager beer.”

Being a new brewery in the competitive Philadelphia scene, it doesn’t hurt to have some differentiators and the barrels are unique to the region. In fact, at the time O’Reilly had the barrels custom made by the renown German craft beer engineering company, Banke Process Solutions, there was only one other in existence.

Brauerei Kurzer in Dusseldorf brews and serves a single beer style– a delicious Alt– and they employ a similar bartop fass. The famous German brewery is where O’Reilly saw the technology and he already knew the manufacturer.

Banke Process Solutions produces a full line of high quality stock equipment for the craft brewing industry as well as specialty innovations like the new fass barrels purchased by Philadelphia’s Mainstay Independent. From idea to implementation, Banke’s passion for beer is their motivation behind the development of innovative solutions.

“It’s a successful marriage of tradition and technology,” adds O’Reilly.

The chilled glass barrels agitate the beer on pour from the keg consistently delivering a light, fluffy head and a smooth, balanced beer. Plus they’re a cool conversation starter.

Exclusively at the Tree Top bar inside of Craft Hall at 901 Delaware Avenue, the lager delivery system is currently pouring Mainstay’s Constitution Lager and Poplar Pils.

As long as he can remember, O’Reilly has been obsessed with the perfect glass of lager beer and, with the one-of-a-kind fass lager barrels, he may have found it.

Mainstay Independent, a brewery celebrated for their balanced portfolio of beers, is located at 901 Delaware Avenue inside Craft Hall with the Lost Bread Bakery. Available at better public houses throughout Philadelphia and the suburbs, Mainstay Independent is a home grown brand laser focused on modern brewing techniques to achieve traditional quality. For more information please visit mainstay


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